Cheap Thrill: Global Village

Whoohoo! So my brother and I are avout to leave Dubai for good this November, and the Global Village just opened this fine, kinda – cool month. Would be great not to pass the opportunity to visit different countries in one place! First and last time I went was on my first year here and that was in 2013!!! Maybe things got better. 
Problem is that our eldest brother nor our flatmates would’t even consider coming along without an easy-breezy car ride. Good thing is there are dedicated public transport buses to the Village in the desert.

Special trip 103 bus starts at the Union Bus Station in Deira, and we took the second 104 bus trip (3:15pm) from Al Ghuibaba Bus Station. The trip is approximately 30 munutes.

We came at just after 4pm, the park’s opening but the crowd were already thick. The Taj Mahal-like entrance facade was equipped with ticket-reading scanners, greeters who loudly welcomed you at the Global Village and a spacious VIP entrance that offered Arabic tea.

We spent 4 hours visiting nearly every one of the 25 or so pavillions representing different countries! Each pavillion is meticulously designed and there is no shortage of wonderful souvenir, gift and food to buy. A small stage is also set up in a corner for country or culture-specific performances. 

Amenities like ATM locations, toilets and Prayer rooms were plentiful / sufficient and well-maintained. There are restaurants and a lane with food stalls aside from stalls scattered around, although the prices will put you off. 

There was also a space for amusement rides and games, not unlike the carnival or perya. There is also a short canal and boats/abra to take you sailing. 

There is also a big stage with seashell design where entertainers dance, sing, and perform various stuff for all.
On a personal level, these are the things that I can vividly remember about my second and final 😦  visit at the Global Village:

  • Indian guys toting  very large metal tea pot sized jugs (or actual tea pots) like it’s a bagpack and selling karak tea (chai or Indian milk tea).
  • The bus trip was more or less 30-40 minutes instead of the estimated 1 hr. travel time
  • Mini Burj Khalifa
  • Vividly colorful glass tea / coffee glasses
  • The outstanding pavillion designs esp. the Arabic and Asian ones.
  • The near-full moon looking much larger than usual.
  • An orange kitten bolting across our path
  • Canary yellow Zafran (saffron) ice cream with hot pink Rose Syrup for AED 10
  • Effin expensive Turkish Ice Cream that I declined to buy (AED20)
  • Insanely expensive drinks except chai / milk tea, tea or water.
  • Nearly life sized statue of Japanese woman in kimono
  • Anime-inspired keychains at AED 35 😥
  • Insanely priced 1 tola of Arabic perfume oil at AED500 (discounted to AED 250 but no thank you)

Total Spend:

2 500ml Bottled Water = AED 2

One-way bus trip x 4 = AED 40

2 Entrance Tickets = AED 30

Slush drink = AED 10

Saffron Ice cream with Rose Syrup = AED 10

Olive Oil Soft Black Exfoliating Soap for Moroccan Bath (Actually light brown) and exfoliating gloves = AED 50

Thailand Elephant Refrigerator Magnet = AED 10

1 Bottled Water (inside)= AED 2

Poutine with cheese = AED 20

Buko Pandan Juice = AED 10

Whoa, so per person, it’s AED 20 two-way bus trip, AED 15 entrance fee, at least AED 4 for bottled water, maybe minimum of AED 20 for food. A separate shopping fund can go as low as AED 5 (just 1 tiny keychain or super mini wood figurine) to infinity. Another fund will go for rides and games, like AED 12 for 1 game token, or AED 30 for a Ferris wheel ride.

All in all, this is a great shopping, walking, 


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