“Your Body, Your Soul, Your Rituals…” Luxuriously Pampered with Rituals



RITUALS Cosmetics is the first brand in the world to combine home & body cosmetics. With its product line – from luxury body and facial creams through to precious mineral make-up, scented candles, pure tea and Soulwear – RITUALS Cosmetics inspires people to transform their daily routines into beautiful, meaningful moments. The idea to ‘Transform everyday routines into more meaningful moments’ lies at the heart of the RITUALS Cosmetics philosophy and forms the basis for each of its products.

Since learning that my next Glambox would have a product from Rituals, I Googled the brand and I was just attracted to their product lines of relaxing and peace-inducing self and home care products and I am itching to try them.

From my beauty box, I got a voucher to get a hand massage and nail coloring from their branch. So I finally managed to enter their expensive-looking boutique in Burjuman.

The people at Rituals Burjuman are wonderful and patient! The place alone is so Zen, with soft lighting, free tea and faint incense.

They generously lather my hands and arms with hand wash, cream, scrub and shower gel on their exquisitely designed water sink. They just smelled so good, and I liked the hand scrub’s gel consistency.

One of them even painted my nails a midnight blue (from their own nail polish collection AED 29 each) and applied precious minerals eye makeup on me (from AED 50).

Another gave me a cup of black tea with bergamot, their tea for the day. They have tea as part of their Ritual of Happy Buddha and Ritual of Hammam product lines.

So in the end, I ended up buying AED 130 worth of products (actually just 2) to get a free full sized shower foam gel (yah I can’t get enough of those shower products). So let’s start the ritual.

    Rituals Happy Buddha Shower Foam

    Start each day with a boost of happiness with our Happy Buddha Shower Foam; that combines the citrus scent of Sweet Orange and warmth of Cedar Wood. Simply squeeze a small amount of gel into your hand, massage it into your skin and watch it transform into a rich, creamy, moisturizing foam.

    The Rituals company should laud this product for its “Happy Buddha” name and shocking orange can caught my attention. When I finally got to try this, this one smells like happy energy on a spray bottle. The extra soft translucent gel quickly turns into a happy cloud of white foam, with an exuberant explosion of crisp, bright orange scent upon contact with my skin. I feel so ecstatic! Perfect for an awakening morning zing. I am really one happy Buddha with this.

    Sakura Sugar Body Scrub

    On the leftmost part is the Sakura Scrub, a sugar body scrub infused with ultra-moisturizing oils, rice milk and the scent of cherry blossoms.


    On the lid: “Your soul, your body, your Rituals…”


    This one is priced at a staggering AED110 but I really loved the scent and I guess with this, I do not need to buy a separate foot and hand scrubs.

    It was my first time to use this and I guess I used too much. I was very moisturized all over (and slippery as an eel, I bet). The scent is strong but I looooved it. Since body scrubbing is a once or twice a week ritual only, I believe this product will last me a long time, even a year or so.


    So, to complete the minimum purchase, I opted to get this antiperspirant from the Ritual of Tao | Qi Gong, now renamed as Dao. This line contains White Lily and Yi Yi Ren extracts. These ingredients have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and calming properties.

    The antiperspirant does its intended job well, and the scent is pleasantly peaceful, reminded me of the combined scent of dainty flowers and leaves.

    Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel


    This is the free shower gel I got. Originally priced at AED45 and can lasts up to 50 showers, I chose the one smelling sensually of Indian Rose and Sweet Almond for future sensuous encounters (hihihi wink, wink) or just plain evenings.

    Rituals is actually a European brand (Norwegian, to be exact). No wonder the concept, the product lines, the names, everything was well-planned. The store was amazing, the product lines are wonderful, the designs befits the particular product line and the scents are almost universally pleasant. It was also fun to see tea cup in the Sakura line, Turkish blend tea bag in the Hammam line, bergamot tea in Happy Buddha, dishwash and hand wash in almost all lines, and other surprising stuff. 

     It is expensive, yes it does, but they’re like selling peace, happiness, relaxation and pampering that you’d happily spend a fortune. I’d love to splurge on this before I go home for good! 


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