A Nude Battle – Inglot versus Arcancil Lipsticks

Hello! For the month of October I got two wonderful nude matte lipsticks from Inglot and Arcancil. I admit I’m no fan of matte, finding them boring or plain or too drying for my taste, but seeing the colors, well I think this might be perfect for every season, day or night.

I got Inglot Classic Lipstick in #417.

The perfect opaque super matte lipstick for any occasion. Vitamin E, macadamia oil, and avocado oil moisturize and nourish the lips. Long lasting formula provides the ideal matte, smooth, even finish.

Price: AED 75. Available at all leading malls across the UAE like Burjuman Centre.

From Arcancil Paris I had Very Mat Lipstick in #435 Nude Mat.

It’s all about the comfortable texture, enriched in pure pigments sublimating intensity of each shade, matte finish, second skin sensation and long wear. 

Price: AED 66. Available at Karji Shop/ Big Brand Shop/ Layal Gallery Shop/ Vperfume Shop/ Xpression Shop/ Ansar Gallery.

Swatches (with and without camera flash)

Left/lower – Inglot – more pink, cool/blue toned

Right/upper – Arcancil – more orange, red/warm toned


What I got was a matte lippie in 417, a nude/pale color with cool-toned pink. Cool-toned means the color leans towards violet and blue. The color is pinkish but in a way that will flatter most skin colors, but most especial skin with cool/”blue” undertones.

Application-wise, I was surprised that it does not glide the way I like my satin/sheer/moisturizing lipstick or colored balm. It might be the sample being dry, but applying it was like having to rub the lippie on my lips. Solution was I put one swipe of lip balm before swiping the Inglot lipstick. It does give a smooth-looking opaque coloring, though. I also like the heavy feel of the lipstick tube. The shiny and sleek packaging screams “professional”


This is a matte lipstick with unprecedented comfort. Enriched with pure pigments, VERY MAT dresses up your lips with intense color and infinitely matte finish that lasts all day long. As comfortable as a balm, its light texture gives a velvet finish to your lips in one step. Unlike the Inglot lipstick, this one glides so easily on my lips like butter and it leaves a more warm-colored nude pink. The texture is not exactly super matte, but I like the effect, nonetheless.

They say that people with both green and blue-colored veins as seen in the skin have neutral skin tone. I am not sure if I’m one of those people or it’s just that the colors of these lippies just complement any skin tone! I’ve got a nice, demure pinkish hue and a more vibrant coral/peach like hue, as opposed to my neon pink lip color. Finally some good lipsticks for the office.


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