The Long, Hard Way

​It’ s a long, hard way, My Lord

My path is strewn with stones

So small they prick my feet

Too large the way I can’t see
It’s a tiring journey, My Lord

It gets worse, then I get bored

The climb is painfully slow

It’s treacherous down the slope
It’s scary travelling, My Lord

The night is dark, and I’m alone

Nothing to guide me back to you

No one is protecting me, too
It’s a truly lonely tour, My Lord

A perilous walk down the road

But here I am, braving the storm

Just to go back to Our Home
It’s a life-long trip to You

At times I don’t know what to do

Many times I stumble, or go astray

I feel like You’re so far away
It’s every one’s walk to take

It’s everybody’s wish to partake

In this voyage onwards and forward

In Your call we have answered
And there will come this time

We come to you broken

We come to you bedraggled and sad

And You will look upon each and everyone

And keep us in Your heart

And we will know for sure

That the long way we endure

Is all worth it after all.


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