Au Naturel from the Outback! Zanedo Sep 2016 Box – Meditree Australia

September’s Zanedo Box (or brown paper bag) is all about being Natural and Organic with Meditree.

Meditree | Pure Australian Botanicals

Healing skincare…with the power to make a difference!  

Delivering Australia’s powerful botanicals in a fresh & natural way…no ifs, no buts!  

Meditree is an Australian natural and organic skincare line that uses the highest grade, plant-based ingredients to provide organic, vegan-friendly and animal-cruelty products. The name “Meditree” was derived from the term ‘medicinal tree’ and in each product an Australian plant or tree has been selected and used for its well-known medicinal properties.

No artificial fragrances, no preservatives and no drying, comedogenic, skin-irritating ingredients like: Alcohol, Phthalates, Beeswax, Formaldehyde, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol and Petrochemicals

This month’s box contains six full-sized (yup, SIX FULL-SIZED) skincare products from Meditree, primarily with Kakadu Plum and Tea Tree ingredients.

Kakadu plum, also known as murunga, has large amount of Vitamin C in its leaves and fruits, thus its great antioxidant qualities. This is best for normal / dry /mature skin.

On the other hand, Tea tree oil is a potent anti-fungal and antibacterial. This is a very good treatment for acne as it kills bacteria and fungi, and dries acne and pimples. This is for oily, acne-prone skin.

On the plus side, the products are organic, natural, vegan-friendly and animal-cruelty-free (not tested on animals). How skin – and – environment – friendly is that?

From the internet – I got all except Tea Tree Facial Cleanser. Plus Tea Tree Acne Gel (sample)



Meditree Kakadu Plum Creamy Cleanser with Desert Lime and Yuka Cactus

A gentle cleansing cream helps remove excess oil and daily residue for clean, clear skin. Promotes healthy skin, soothes the complexion and revitalizes.

I am very happy to have a cleanser at last, instead of buying. When my facial gel wash was finished, I have been using my Bioderma Sebium Skin Exfoliating Gel 3 -4 times a week either morning or evening. However gently I use it, it is truly not a replacement for a daily facial wash.

 Come this item to the rescue! It was wonderful, to say the least. As a cream cleaner it comes thick like cream moisturizer. Wet face and neck. Apply a pea-size, spread with your wet palms to form a creamy paste, then massage into moist skin. It will not lather or get soapy, it’s like applying and massaging cream on your face. Rinse thoroughly with water. It does not dry my face and there is no scent.

Meditree Kakadu Plum Face Cream with Quandong

A nourishing moisturizer with antioxidant properties to help protect the skin from the damaging effects of the environment. Helps promote collagen production and will leave you feeling smooth and replenished. 

Upon research, quandong or desert peach is high in Vitamin C and is a good antibacterial which also helps heal wounds. Basically this anti-aging moisturizer gives the skin a Vitamin C boost – regenerates collagen, improves the appearance of wrinkles, lightens pigmentation and brightens over skin tone.

Meditree Kakadu Plum Face Serum

An essential serum to even out skin tone, maintain collagen production and protect the skin. contains Kakadu Plum as source of vitamin C rich antioxidant, skin brightening Bearberry ans soothing Aloe Vera & Chamomile.

This serum is concentrated anti-aging product utilizing Vitamin C from Kakadu plums. It is estimated that a single Kakadu plum contains 55 times more Vitamin C than an orange. My skin must be celebrating with all the vitamin love it gets! Anyway, the serum looks like thin amber-colored gel and has a herbal scent.

Meditree Tea Tree Cleansing Scrub and Mask

Blending a scrub and mask in one, this dual exfoliant will cleanse, soften and brighten dull, stressed and tired looking skin. Kaolin Clay draws out impurities, Lychee Shell particles are for dual action exfoliant action without drying the skin, and Tea Tree leaves for gentle exfoliation.

This is a nice addition to my weekly ritual, as a good complement with the creamy cleanser. Kaolin clay (as chemical exfoliant) is used in many facial masks to deeply clean the skin and its pores, and with natural (mechanical) exfoliant, it does the job. It looks like your usual scrub but creamier and smelling of tea tree (strong tree / herbal scent). Apply liberally on your face with gentle massaging motions like a scrub, then leave for 10 minutes like a mask. Rinse off.

Meditree Tea Tree Acne Gel with Willowbark (sample)

Target damaged skin to reduce inflammation and redness. Look clearer and smoother so you can feel fresher. Tea tree oil for calming and antibacterial properties and willow bark extract to help cleanse the skin.

This gel is a targeted acne treatment to zap out those pesky acne and pimples safely. Whenever I get a zit, I put The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (just 15 % tea tree oil) to dry it out without pricking. However the smell is really strong. This one does the same, with a bearable scent. The gel consistency also helps in its staying power.

Meditree Tea Tree Hydrator with Willowbark

Rejuvenate and hydrate without increasing oiliness. Suitable for daily use. Combine with meditree tea tree face cleanser for best results. Contains Tea tree oil for calming and antibacterial properties and willow bark extract to help cleanse the skin.

This one imparts moisture on the skin without inducing oiliness. For people with combination skin, it is hard to find a product that is strong enough to deal with oily T-zone, yet mild enough not to over-dry the other parts. It’s the reverse with moisturizers: enough to moisturize the dry parts without overwhelming the oily part. This skin hydrator is like the Korean “facial emulsion” in which it is light enough for the T-zone, and good enough for the dry patches. It is easily absorbed into the skin, however the tea tree / herbal scent is strong.


I am still trying to use all the items, the kakadu plum products have a lighter scent / no scent at all and are moisturizing. The tea tree oil products are best for daily maintenance of oily / acne prone skin, rather than quick acne solution. The scent of some of the products may put others off, so I’d use them while I stay at home or during evenings. If you care about organic / natural / vegan products that do not irritate the skin, give this one a try.

To be honest, the delivery was a bit late, but the company leads were professional in handling our concerns and problems. Besides, I am not fooled by fancy packaging. I am more concerned with the product quality and quantity, and in this, Zanedo wins hands on over the competition.

It also comes at the right time as I am suffering from multiple acne breakouts, which my daily, more rigorous routine cannot seem to keep under control. With almost the entire skincare lineup ant my hands, I know I will be able to solve my skin concerns for now.

Thank you so much! This is my last box for Zanedo UAE (hopefully for now) and it was great reviewing this company and product offerings.



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