Get Scrubbin’ – Diamond Peel Facial Treatment

It was my first facial treatment!

The summer heat is slowly dying down to somewhat tolerable levels, but my large pores keep on getting larger and my slick face getting even oilier, even with an update skincare regimen. I was seriously contemplating getting any treatment for my face, and I decided on having a three-session package for Diamond Peeling at Vanity Box in Karama. I chose this one because it is near our home, and I’d really not like to walk or commute in this hot weather. I called and booked for an appointment.

I went there on a weekday evening to ensure to have a quiet and relaxing time. The salon attendant was quite attentive to me, and complimented on my youthfulness (“Ay, I thought you’re a child.”). To be honest I was conscious that I just came from work, I dropped my bag, wiped away my eye makeup and went there wearing spaghetti strap top and slippers. I wearing less clothing was a blessing in disguise: I did not have to remove my top.

The process consisted of many activities / procedures using Dr. Renaud’s products


  1. Consultation – She checked my face and categorized it as combination skin (Oily / Dry).
  2. Cleansing – She removed any grime, makeup and oil with facial wipes or cotton pads with water. Then she applied liquid cleanser, and removed it with another round of wet cotton pads / wipes.
  3. Scrub Exfoliation – She applied facial scrub with microbeads to remove dead skin cells and soften skin. She removed the product with wet cotton pads / wipes.
  4. Pore-Opening Steam – She massaged cream on my face, covered my eyes with cotton pad and gauze, and aimed a humid steam on my face for a few minutes to open up my pores. I enjoyed this part because the moisture-filled steam opened up my airways and hydrated the insides of my nose. When she removed the steam, the rush of cold all over my face was soothing.
  5. Blackhead/Whitehead/Pimple Extraction – Ah, it did not disappoint! I was wondering whether extraction was included in Diamond Peeling, and I was glad to have my invisible comedones being exposed to light, at a very painful cost. I preferred the pricking feeling (using the pointed lancet) rather than the pushing feeling (using the usual press-me-into-it extractor). It was hardest on my nose, where we both suspected as the most problematic part. This was the point when my attendant informed me that I really had to undergo another session in two weeks, not next month as usually advised. This was the most painful part, but I tolerated it well, except when she did my nose, the skin was hard and refused to surrender its hordes of whiteheads to the extractor.
  6. Diamond Peeling – She applied cream / gel on my face which dried almost instantly, then she ran the diamond peeling rod on my face centimeter by centimeter starting on my forehead to my temples, my cheeks, my chin, and my jaw line. The sensation was a combination of scraping something on my face with the occasional suction. It was not as painful. After this process, she showed me all the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the diamond-tipped rod.
  7. Astringent– she applied gel on my face, which gave a stinging sensation in the beginning. It must have been an anti-bacterial or astringent. It settled down into a cooling sensation on my face.
  8. Pore-Closing / Anti-bacterial Laser – She used a laser tool and hovered it on my face to close my pores and zap out the bad bacteria which could inflame my skin.
  9. Moisturizing Mask – She put a gauze on my eyes and applied a creamy mask using gentle brush strokes. The mask is to moisturize and protect the new layer of skin from irritation.
  10. Massage – She gave a short head and shoulder massage while I lie down with the mask.

To be honest, there were so many steps to it, but the standouts are the actual diamond-tipped microdermabrasion tool, the comedone extraction and the laser treatment. In between are lots of creams / masks/ liquid / gels applied at different stages.


  1. Wash with clean water or tone with rose water for the face for the first 12 hours.
  2. Makeup or other skincare products not allowed for least 1 day.
  3. Sunscreen / sunblock is required before going out for at least 1 week.


Diamond peel is supposed to improve one’s skin condition by producing collagen that makes skin elastic and firm, minimizing scars and pigmentation, removing blackheads, whiteheads and pimples, and tightens pores.

Personally, I expected my face to look like a mess after all those scrubbing, pricking and exfoliating. What I saw instead was general redness on my skin, like I just did a thorough facial scrub on it. It was so red my flat mate even thought I got darker. I let the face cream / mask applied on my face be absorbed through the night. I was supposed to cleanse it with rose water but I forgot to buy it.

I water-washed my face the next morning and only applied sunscreen (SPF 30). Within 24 hours, one or two spots where my whiteheads / pimples were popped still tingle. My face revealed whiter skin but also my pimple scars and reddened spots where those whiteheads and pimples were before. My pores got smaller, and my dry skin patches were gone, even though my face still looked like I can fry something on it still.


As long as dead skin cells and some whiteheads and pimples have been removed, I am a happy girl. The products used are of good quality, and my skin got clearer. The downside was that still some pores did not shrink to oblivion and pimple marks reared their ugly heads, presumably after the skin layer that might have hidden them was removed. I am quite forgiving because it’s the first session, and I will be able to give a better judgment after the second and third ones.

I will update you after a few days, and after the second session in two weeks time! Thanks!


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