Why I’m Sticking With Him

Why oh why oh why he just looks average you know?!?!

  • We are friends for so long and if we both feel the same way, why wait? Can make an exception from the usual courtship and go straight to exclusive dating.
  • We are both aware of my reproductive and hormonal health and it would be better to have children before I hit my 30s.
  • We have known each other for so long, and we have consistently turned to each other for support.
  • I find him to be responsible and caring in his own practical way.
  • He is alright with children, that would be great because I am not.
  • He is still a virgin at his age. A rare man indeed.
  • We both love pets especially cats.
  • We are both introverts.
  • I think we will be both vanilla when it comes to sex.
  • Our values are similar / complementary – finance, work, religion, family, pets
  • I’m missing him more and more each day. 

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