Suicide Squad: Fun but Not Enough

So, last night, my brother and I watched Suicide Squad at Novo Cinemas in Al Ghurair Centre. We skipped Vox’s Burjuman Centre (practically a walk away from our respective accommodations) because we had an Etisalat Wednesday’s buy-one-take-one voucher for Novo. Thanks Etisalat Telecom!

I am no movie buff or analyst so I will stick to a short list of what I liked and hated about the show. J

General Impression:

Fun and colorful – visual wise but story is a bit bland.


+ Music (good / funky choice of music, especially when the beats and visual movements synchronize or it perfectly matches the scene’s mood / emotions)

+ Action Scenes (reminds me of Captain America Versus Iron Man, I hated the shaky camera opening)

+ Amanda (yo the big boss bitch, you go girl)

+ Harley Quinn (need I say more?)

+ Mid-credit scene (am I smelling a franchise or something?)


– Slow-motion at the end, it was stretched a bit too much

– Imbalance on background characterization (now I think this was one big problem, it was more Deadshot and Harley Quinn than the rest. Rumors has it that editing had drastically changed how characters were portrayed).

– Didn’t elicit a lot of laughter, just mere chuckles (blame Marvel for setting the standards for comedy in superhero / action movies)

– Not sold on Enchantress – character-wise (no offense to Cara Delevingne)


Movie is fun but the story is lacking some substance. Enjoy it as that, an entertaining show, not an award-winning one and you’ll not feel disappointed.

Rating for me:



Rant: When did going to the movie house / cinema turned into an analysis session? Isn’t it supposed to be for entertainment or leisure? But if most people want to watch thought-provoking movies, why do Independent Films (which are supposed to be deep and thought-provoking) are not the mainstream, right? Again, it’s just people’s preferences. Now, it’s OKAY to be critical of it, if it’s your job, if you’re a naturally analytical person and you can’t help it, I understand that some people watch movie like it’s art. Your call, but please don’t actively discourage others from watching. Let them judge for themselves. At least it helps support the movie industry. /RantOver




  1. patricksponaugle · August 11, 2016

    I enjoyed your rant at the bottom. 🙂

    I thought Suicide Squad would have been an engaging story to have read in the comics, there’s a higher bar set for the screen. But I think the critics were overly critical of the movie (the ones that really really really hated on it) because it wasn’t offensive. I mean, Batman vs Superman probably did more damage to the DC brand with that movie.

    Thumbs up on your review, we had similar experiences.

    • aerislair · August 11, 2016

      Yup definitely! These people forget we have different tastes in entertainment. I also find Suicide Squad better than BvS.

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