Ramblings on the Bus

I thought of him. I thought of him and I telling him to try it again. I saw his comments, conjured chats and messages between them two, and the faces of people who resemble her, some of which he introduced to me.

I found my tiny tiny heart broken for the umpteenth time.

It still can make me cry.

I hate his hold in my life.

Thousands of miles away and it’s still there.

The only time I forgot about how truly aimless my life is when I am distracted by nature, art and beauty.

I will prepare for a later life of scrapbooking, travel and films.

This point in time, what’s the point?

I have toiled, worked, sacrificed, waited for I don’t know what reason. I chose career but it did me nothing. I chose love but it did me nothing. I chose family and it did me nothing. Now my happiness is lost. I am without wings.

I am without compass, or rudder. My arms are sore with rowing, and I let the boat be taken away by the waves.

Oh, we’re here already.

Bus stop. Stop.



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