I Choose To Be

Maybe there is a nagging worry that one is not living life to the fullest? However, I do not think this is requirement in life, that there is an unspoken quota for doing this or going there or buying that just to claim I have experienced what life has to offer.

I believe that success or failure does not have any bearing on my worth. I am human, whether I’m a world leader or an infant with nothing else, I am worth living and respected for.

My notion of happiness or success or peace of mind is different from others. I can be happy staying at home same as in going out. I can feel fulfilled reading or as in winning a bid or contract. Nothing wrong with striving for good things, but let’s not forget we can choose to be happy and grateful no matter situation or status we are in.



  1. Sincerely GC · January 11, 2016


    • aerislair · June 12, 2016

      Thanks! Enjoy your life too, each of us leads a unique life, we follow it, and not follow what others do 🙂

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