2016: Growing Stronger

Sounds like House Tyrell’s motto, but I can’t help but be proud of the fact that I may finally be truly growing strong in facing what life has for me.

2015 had been a rollercoaster of events. But one constant theme in my present is that I am walking in a risky world, and the only thing to do is to trust my instincts and take one step at a time.

2016 is the year I will have to set my priorities straight, and to continue walking that path, to hope and believe that it will lead me eventually to where I originally would have wanted to be.

It will not be possible if I am not growing stronger emotionally.

I finally accepted the emotional and physical weaknesses that I have and the thing I can do is to maintain a balanced life. The books and advice I’ve received truly helped me. The support of people in my life has bolstered my resolve to live this life.

Last year, in one of the SFC talks, I broke down in tears when the speaker was telling us that God love us no matter what. When I read a book on depression, I learned that my “silent assumption” is that I need love in order to feel happy and to prove that I have worth. I felt like I was unlovable and that I had to go on great lengths just to feel loved by others. It also led to decisions and liaisons that I am not proud of. With that talk, I felt the Universe telling me that am worthy of love, and that love is not necessarily from romantic love. I have my family. I have myself to love.

This year, my love for myself and for the people around me will grow stronger. It will.


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