Updating your Philhealth PMRF as OFW

Hello! If you are an Overseas Filipino Worker and has decided to voluntarily continue your Philhealth contributions, great for you! If you have at least 6 months of Philhealth contributions then you can claim for reimbursement even when you are confined / treated abroad. Your legal dependents can also enjoy its benefits. But before you start paying the annual fee, you must update your details and status to Migrant Worker / OFW.

But if you’re abroad, and you just can’t visit the nearest Embassy or Consulate to change your status to Informal Economy – Migrant Worker, you can just email Philhealth Overseas Filipino Program to update and receive your Member Data Record (MDR)! Here’s how!

  1. Visit the Philhealth website to be informed of the benefits, etc.
  2. Download the PMRF (Philhealth Member Registration Form).
  3. You can print then fill up the form, or edit the soft copy of the form (Adobe Reader for PDF).
  4. Tick  / check FOR UPDATING on the upper right-hand corner of the PMRF.
  5. Fill out PMRF as appropriate.
  6. Do not forget to tick / check the correct type of employment (OFW / Migrant Worker), and affix the signature.
  7. Email ofp@philhealth.gov.ph the following:
    1. Completed PMRF (scanned / edited)
    2. Scanned copy of valid ID
    3. Scanned copy of proof of change (this time, it’s the proof of your employment overseas like labor contract and company ID)
  8. Await for the email reply. They will email back the PDF of your updated Member Data Record and a List of Accredited Collection Agents.


  • Please renew membership immediately and then pay your contribution abroad at any selected remittance center or tie-ups of DBP, Phil. Veterans Bank, I-Remit, Ventaja, Landbank, Bank of Commerce, etc.
  • Premium payment is P 2,400.00 (valid for one year).
  • If there are no available payment centers accessible to where you are located, your family/representative here in the Philippines may renew your PhilHealth on your behalf. They must present the following documents whichever is applicable at any PhilHealth Office nationwide:
Authorized Representative Documentary Requirement to be presented
Registration /Renewal Updating of Records
In order of priorities:

•          Legitimate spouse

•          Children (18 years old & above)

•          Parents

•          Brothers and sisters (18 years old & above)

•          Other Relatives

a)    Duly filled up PMRF – FOR REGISTRATION or Request Form – (FOR RENEWAL); and

b)   Any document proving that the member is an active OFW (Original /Photocopy/ Scanned copy)

a)    Duly filled up PMRF;

b)    Presentation and submission of photocopy of valid ID; and

c)     Valid document/s to support the amendment of the member’s record (Photocopy / Scanned copy)

Other individuals as duly authorized representative a)  Same above requirements; and
b)  Authorization letter from the member (Original / Scanned copy):

–  stating the reason for signing in behalf of the   member;

– including full name, complete address and contact number of the authorized representative


And ANY document stated below:

  • Valid Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) OR
  • Valid E-Receipt OR
  • Valid Working Visa/Re-entry Permit OR
  • Valid Job Employment Contract OR
  • Valid company ID issued by the employer abroad OR
  • Certificate of Employment for applicable period from employer abroad OR
  • Cash remittance receipt from member abroad, at least 2 month prior to the date of renewal or payment OR
  • Valid ID or certificate issued to OFWs in the host country (e.g. Iqama, HK ID, Soggiorno) OR
  • Any other equivalent proof, subject to the approval of the authorized officer

On my part, since I have Adobe Reader and its features, I filled out the form electronically, affixed my own e-signature and sent it with my labor contract copy and passport copy. It only took me 1 working day to do the following and receive the updated MDR from their end. It was so fast and convenient! No more long lines and wasted fare and time. after that you can just pay your contributions. Spread the word, OFW!

For more information, you may call PhilHealth Call Center at telephone number 441- PHIC (441-7442) or visit our website atwww.philhealth.gov.ph.



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