On Money-Making Schemes of All Kinds

Hmmm… I tried direct selling abroad. Nearly joined networking. I’m not falling in the money trap anymore. I’m not saying na ginagawa mo sa akin yun. I truly believe that you really just want to share the blessings and info that you have because you want your friends to experience it also. And I’m very thankful that you’re not pushing/manipulating me into this. Pero I really need you to be transparent to me esp. when it comes to this, kasi to be honest ang feeling ko since you started reaching out is that, baka, baka lang you’re reaching to me because I’m a big potential na pwede isali sa ganito.

I will join on my own terms. Coz this is my F*ing hard-earned money. I want to see a good return of my money, and for me that would be the ff:

  • an interest earned by my savings, no matter how small
  • a purchase that I can use for years to come
  • an experience that I can remember fondly for months or even years to come
  • money spent for my family and friends, given that they at least express sincere gratitude (and use the item)
  • tithe / donation
  • earning from legitimate part-time / extra work

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