A Purpose-Driven Life: Restarting the Journey


Hey! I hope you are familiar with Rick Warren’s A Purpose-Driven Life.

It was such an inspirational book for so many people, Christians and more, that more than 30 million copies have been sold worldwide. I first saw it as a dusty hard copy in my mother’s altar (aka the top of our large shoe rack near the bedrooms) and the reader in me took it for some reading! Hah! I was only in high school then, a Catholic who hated going to Mass and the teachings kind off just bounced off my head. I tried reading it again when I had work in the Philippines, but to give up after reaching Chapter 30 (of 40 total) because I felt I am not ready to undertake its teachings. I was not ready.

But God knew what to do. In 2013, He sent me far away from comfort. A new country, a new work, a new place to call “home.” New everything. I believed I got the most depressed in this desert, so close to the land birth of my savior. And in a dream he showed me what would happen if I embark on a journey with Jesus. In 2014, I started attending Singles For Christ’s Christian Life Program. Now, I am in active service to this lay Catholic community.

In a way, I kind of by-passed the discovery of God and Jesus, but now I am ready to be reminded again. Please join me as I read this chapter by chapter, with a link to the Office Sway presentation of my summary for some easy-on-the-eyes reading.

I have already read 6 chapters today, and I will post the links for the first 5 here. For succeeding entries, I will provide one link per chapter. Come, let’s go!

SOURCE: Warren, Rick (2002). The Purpose Driven Life. Michigan: Zondervan.


Chapter One: It All Starts With God.


Chapter Two: You Are Not An Accident.


Chapter Three: What Drives Your Life?


Chapter Four: Made To Last Forever.


Chapter Five: Seeing Life from God’s View.


  • Sway presentations are created by me, the book source is properly cited at the last page of each presentation.
  • All are copyrights of the author; let’s respect the author and kindly cite the full book source and author in each and every use.
  • Please use for personal use or non-commercial sharing only. A BIG THANK YOU!!!!! 🙂

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