As of March 2015

It’s 2015! I promised myself to cherish the little moments I have, just to tilt the scale towards positivity. So here are my list of some of those “little moments” that had made me smile, frown, then smile again.

      • Went to Tagalog Mass on Friday middays on bus for two consecutive weeks. Why an achievement? Because I hate that particular time period especially when it is bone-drying summer. Such irony that in my home country I couldn’t be bothered to attend such on my own, even if it was a short walk away, but now I insist! My week in this humid, hot and Muslim-dominated country is not complete without the Mass. Especially the Mass said in my native tongue. Going there feels like a holy pilgrimage to my home country.
      • Accepted and sadly declined a job offer at AED 4000 and AED 1800 yearly ticket plus more Pinoy UST graduates as colleagues! Had to decline because of labor ban and its dire consequences. This will teach me patience. But maybe, a three-year UAE experience is better than one-and-a-half.
      • Tithed AED 200 to SFC. That was the biggest tithe / donation I have ever given given my frugality. And I still feel guilty when I don’t give donations during Mass, thinking that I have already used up the budget for donations. I couldn’t resist. Just last Saturday I dropped some dirhams again and my guilt is gone with the wind!
      • Reduced my spending for leisure / entertainment / SFC to almost zero. I know what you say. I’m not giving back to the Lord, declining service, etc. I looked so KJ and penny-pinching. But hey, I have priorities that took a back seat when I joined. I have to focus now.


      • I sometimes (make that nearly everyday) go to bed with only a piece of bread or yogurt or shawarma as dinner. It’s not good, I know. Hello, ulcer, filthy-smelling back tongue even after proper hygiene, cranky moods and nowhere near being thin.
      • Got my Casio watch battery replaced for AED 15. I love this investment. For around Php 2000 or AED 150 I got metal band, glow in the dark markers and a date indicator.


      • Was able to splurge on some fruit-flavored ice cream. Hello Ube Macapuno in the land of endless sands! 😀


      • 4th monthsary with my second-hand Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. I love this black (shiny) beauty. Many have complimented this baby. Why not? It is powerful, sleek and sturdy. Since learning of my penchant for accidentally dropping expensive gadgets at least once a week and bringing them into the bathroom, I have to invest on something sturdy. Another good investment.


      • Managed to save a total of AED 1800 this year. Not even enough for a cheap DXB-MNL airfare but we’ll get there.
      • Medium Balikbayan Box ready to go! Brother / Kuya will do the rest. I just spent AED 600 + for the goodies.  Not to mention the 600/month obligatory remittance. Yesterday we wound several rolls of tape around the box to ensure no one will open it along the way and help themselves with the goodies. Kuya / my Brother even jested that maybe I want to “ship” myself home together with the box.


Little things, little steps. I still want to watch Cinderella on cinema but that would be AED 35. I’ll just patiently watch for a clear copy to download.

PS. I did watched a blurry copy online and I shed tears. I miss Prince Charming / Robb Stark / Richard Madden. I also live these words from the film:  “HAVE COURAGE AND BE KIND.”


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