Things I Want To Say To My 22 Year-Old Self

October 2, 2014

I haven’t have the time or the motivation to blog for the past few months, and so I decided to visit my site and just re-read some of the blogs for a change. There was something so profound in this weird travel-through-time feeling of meeting your past self through her writings two years ago that I felt compelled to say something, some pieces of advice for this much more immature girl. How I wish my 27 year-old self would drop by, too!

1. If it feels right, and you are not in any way committing a sin, then what are you waiting for? GO!
2. Do not depend on anyone in order to explore the world. You can do it yourself, thank you.
3. Not every man whom you have intense feelings / longing for is The One. Discern and pray for God’s guidance. If he’s the man God has given you, you will surely know.
4. Things will come your way eventually. You should just stay put or focus on other things,
5. Stop whining even if it’s for stress release. Others will never see it THAT way. Whine where no one’s around to hear.
6. “But I feel he likes me!” Yes, you may be correct, but if he does not make the move, he does not like you ENOUGH. It stills means nothing.
7. You had jumped from one job to another before, and even now you could not seem to be able to get that “deadly” credit card or loan. Give it up. Now that you’ve become less frugal, it’s God’s ingenious way of keeping you to live within your means.
8. Besides, you are already given what you essentially need. Remember all those free items, fine dining c/o your company or friends, the branded hand-me-downs, the sudden kindness of someone who offered a car lift or some assistance when you needed it most? Remember these and give thanks to the One who provides.
9. This is so true, repeat after me: “I do not need to hurt or get hurt in order to attain my happiness.”
10. You were naïve and gullible. You still are. Retain that last shred of innocence within your heart, but be mindful of everything else. Your guardian angel deserves some respite from constantly watching over you.
11. You may be distant, timid, lazy, cold, shy, go-with-the-flow, whatever, like water. But you are passionate within. With this fire you will do everything in your power for the causes, beliefs, dreams, goals, and people that matter most to you. Go choose a man who will do the same for you.
12. Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet. – Plato
13. Career advice: Learn to bend. You’ll be able to stay in the race longer. You will have your chance. Climb up one ladder step at a time.
14. Believe in the power of perseverance. Remember you wanted to learn how to swim yet you kept saying you were too scared and easy to give up? Now I can! You were off-tune before? Now an unlikely songstress (though I still need help refining it)
15. Tough shell, soft inside. Toughen up on what’s important! A silent resolve is as effective as a bold will.
16. You are not selfish or desperate for affection whenever you face the mirror and say “I love you.”
17. Acceptance is the key to contentment… but… SURRENDER TO GOD is the way.
18. You are NOT an option.
19. Do you remember the so-called Game-Changer? It’s not a guy, or your soul mate. It’s God.
20. Yes, just take things slow. Enjoy the small things while they last. Truly I say to you, you will sorely miss them.
21. You pour out your heart and soul on someone and when you are bone-dry you expect others to fill it. Don’t.
22. In relation to the previous statement, when you give yourself to someone and it is not reciprocated in any way, it will change your attitude, and when it’s negative, there’s no going back. You would burn the bridge for good measure. But I tell you, give another chance.
23. “We can choose: to play the game according to the world’s rules — competition, aggression, judgment and comparison; or, we can make choices based in compassionate justice, generosity, confidence, intentionality and trust. How do we do that? Prayer. Prayer will move us from dilemma to choice.”
24. On this day, God wants you to know that contentment comes from unconditional love. (Because) When you love conditionally, you have to keep deciding if the other is worthy of your love. You can never let go of your guard enough to be content. Why not decide once and for all, and love once and for all? And be content.


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