Story of Isaac and Rebekah Shows God’s Providence

Bible Q&A

Rebekah at the Well

In Genesis, chapter 24, we find one of the Bible’s greatest love stories. But the real love story is not that between Isaac and his bride, but the love of God toward his people, and his regard for his promises.

As the story opens, the patriarch Abraham faces a difficult dilemma. Sarah, his wife, has died; and he, too, will soon depart this life. God had promised Abraham that he would become the father of many nations, and that his offspring would one day possess the land of Canaan. Abraham was concerned for their well-being.

We of Twentieth Century America can scarcely grasp the importance of this situation. In Abraham’s time, the wife who was barren lived in shame. The father without sons was bereft. Abraham and Sarah had had to wait many years for a son, and had staked their whole future on him.

Abraham saw clearly one great…

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