Unringed and Unbound

One boringly slow day at the office, I just gazed at my eternity ring, given by my mother on my 21st (or 23th) birthday, and suddenly counted the stones. It had 27 stones. I wondered if the big transition in my life would happen when I turn 27 or when it is 2027. Would I be married or dead by then?

Then I clasped my hands in prayer and uttered a promise: that with God’s Grace I will be His faithful daughter to serve Him and that He will give me to a righteous man on His own time. For the time being, this ring will bind me to serving God as a single person.

That was two weeks ago. Within weeks I was contemplating if this man I knew from a religion-based community was God’s Gift to me.

Today, after endless thinking of “I love this guy, blah-blah-blah”, I thought instead “I love you God Father.” Cue for me to go to Church. Cue for my brother to call that he can pick me up from the office. Thanks to him and to God’s intercession that I was able to reach the church early enough to pray the rosary.

The homily was about Jesus’ choices. His first choice was to live, and he asked the Lord to spare him from taking the cup of agony. Nonetheless he accepted the second, less desirable choice: death by crucifixion. But the second choice ultimately saved us all from sin. It was the will of God that prevailed.

For the intentions, the first prayer that came to my mind was “Father, is he the one gift You have for me? If he is truly your Gift, I will be very glad. If not, it is always Your will to follow, in Your own time.” I rubbed my hands, then suddenly noticed that my ring was missing.

I was about to panic when I remembered the promise. The lost ring was unbinding me from serving God as a spinster (I even contemplated if He wanted me to be a nun.) He meant me to have a partner in life, and form a family, as my way of serving and loving Him. Losing that eternity ring frees my finger to receive another one, preferably from the righteous man. I couldn’t be happier tonight.

Thanks, Father.


PS. I found it somewhere in the office .But the temporary loss of it has served its purpose.


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