Just when I Thought I…

It’s pissing me to no end.

Just when I thought I was over you… (cue well known song by Air Supply)

Just when I am starting to think of opening myself for another chance at love, or any semblance to love, here comes his sudden messages, or chat message, rather. Those innocuous little chatter that before had made my heart a-flutter but not gives my zombie-fied heart a jolt of annoyance.

I am still his friend, I am. And I have decided long ago, no more. I’m tired and done trying to cross that bridge, to reach out for him one last time. Years and years I’ve been bound to another but I kept on coming back but to no avail. In my exasperation and heartache I threw the torch. The bridge was burned. For extra precaution I jumped into the river and let it wash me away, away! Away to a new life. I established the friend zone and walked away from it, away, away.

Just when I thought I have some chance, some slim chance of a redemption, here he comes again, addling the becalmed waters of my soul. Oh my good Father in heaven, I implore you, no more of this. Years are enough.

It’s really pissing me.  




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