My First BB Cream: Blemish Balm from Beauty by Tchibo


Tchibo seems to have everything from (oversized) clothes to household essentials, to accessories and even coffee! Then I found their Beauty by Tchibo merchandise tucked in a small shelf area in their Bur Dubai – Khalid bin al Waleed Branch. I found those Guerlain Meteors look-a-like, the citrus-smelling body bath mousse, and tada! A BB Cream cheaper than Garnier at AED 25.


Now you’re asking me, am I sure that I will subject my combination (more on the oily side) skin to this relatively unknown product? NOT YET! Do your research first! So, I checked the World Wide Web but most reviews are in German or in other Scandinavian languages, so I have to use Google Translate to grasp the gist.

5-in-1-Day Care Blemish Balm

Soft care with discreet makeup. For a radiant complexion: hydrates, smooths, corrects and makes the skin matte. With SPF 15. Suitable for all skin types and tones. Light consistency – absorbs quickly. Pump dispenser for easy dispensing.

Suitable for all skin types and skin tones
Paraben- free 
Silicone free


Here’s the ingredients list. Since I want you to save the trouble of translating foreign-language review, I wrote an English review of this BB Cream. 🙂 So let’s go!


Cream dot taken without flash. Seems like the universal shade of beige. Tchibo BB claims to be suitable for all skin color.


Smudge of product shot with flash. It seems that this will be suited for both warm or cool – toned skin, best bet would be skin colors from fair to medium to olive.


Spread over white paper. Proof that this BB cream will provide light coverage without an annoying tinge of orange. And that it is water-based.


This is my no-foundation/powder/concealer/primer face (excess oil blotted by tissue). 


Product applied to one cheek. This is also fragrance-free, but there is the faint chemical smell as you apply. Also, on my first use, I felt some tiny tingling around the areas where my most recent Clarins mousse foundation-induced acne broke out. So I suggest, people with sensitive skins to try this Tchibo BB cream with utmost care.

Then, due to its hygienic pump dispenser, I won’t have to worry about bacteria-infested product unless my finger is the dirty one. Caution, the product is absorbed by the skin too quickly so put a little dot on a small area then spread. Repeat.


Products completely applied to one cheek. A very smooth application, I tell you, and the skin looks naturally fairer and smoother  in natural / soft light.



Due to its ingredients that provide SPF 15 protection, we must expect that in harsh / strong light, the BB cream will give our face a bit of a mask-like color quality. But this can be remedied by using a foundation of a shade the same or a little bit darker than our own skin color.

So what’s the verdict? Here’s the pro-con list:


1. Container is heavier than most squeeze-tube BB creams

2. Only one shade

3. Does not cover imperfections completely

4. Never think of this as a stand-alone foundation or sunscreen. This is a BB cream / tinted moisturizer with SPF.  But applying a good powder foundation / pressed powder over will keep the smooth relatively oil free.

5. Not completely fragrance-free


1. Hygienic pump dispenser

2. Neutral shade of beige that will suit both warm and cool tones and most skin colors

3. Light, almost sheer coverage

4. Very easy to spread and apply, absorbs quickly by the skin

5. Water-based, paraben and silicone-free. (Almost non-comedogenic)

6. Cheaper than Garnier’ cream.

7. SPF 15 (at least it has)

8. Really does hydrate, smooths, corrects (at least blurs a little) and makes the skin matte.

Although since my face is a combination-type that leans on the oily side, the matte texture of my forehead, nose and chin will only last until afternoon. In fairness, it was still not as oily as when I only applied powder directly.

My face has been looking better lately: blushing cheeks, smaller pores, lesser dry / flaky patches of skin, however, I will not claim it as solely due to this Tchibo BB cream. But one thing I can guarantee is that in spite of that little chemical smell, my face did not break out using this. To think my face broke out to Clarin’s mousse foundation! I’d say this BB Cream works as a decent tinted moisturizer that gives one’s skin some SPF protection, some coverage that will blur less obvious imperfections, a  whitening /smoothing look and and a temporary mattifying texture, which will be a good canvas for your face powder, blush, illuminating powder or bronzer. For a good price also!

In a previous blog post I have shared the wonders of buying more for less at Brands For Less. As with their tagline: SMILE, you’ve just saved money.

I’ve really saved money with this Tchibo Blesmish Balm! SMILE! 😀


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