Dreams can be prophetic, and my mom is a bit attuned to the present and future. Maybe mother’s instinct, but they kind of relay some slivers of truth. Take for example her dream of me. I once told her I missed our family back home and I would like to shoulder my own travel trip for a vacation next year.  She told me through Facebook messenger that she dreamed of me going home, but with sadness. I just thought before, that maybe I would go home without enough savings to go to graduate school, or worse, penniless. I put the disturbing thought at the back of my mind, trying to keep my spirits as positive and stress-free as possible. I have a residence visa, right? I have my Emirates Resident ID on my pocket, correct?

Then, I thought I should be documenting myself as OFW and continue paying my social security, health insurance & housing providence fees. After much form-filling and searching of requirements for vacationing OFWs, I learned that I must have my original copy of employment contract to be able to have the necessary permit to return to Dubai if ever I go on vacation in the Philippines. Boom, my plans are foiled. But then again, I said, I would be regularized soon enough, and that contract will come.

After six months, and still no damn indication of my labor card being processed, nor a glimpse of an government-approved employment contract, then that’s when I remember my mother’s dream. Surely I may insist on going home, but it also means giving up on the job, then I’ll be back to square one. Did you know I spent like 7 months just to pay off that debt to brother for the initial entry visa, plane ticket and allowance? I can’t afford to do that again! 


It’s infuriating me, now that I’m spelling out my woes now. I felt cheated, but I feel trapped. Lord help me with this.


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