Another 5 Things To Do While Waiting For Game of Thrones S4 and A Winds of Winter

I was mopping our bathroom floor when I started humming the Main Theme of Game of Thrones. Realizing that I am going LSS with Ramin Djawadi’s famous theme, this lightbulb “aha” moment came to me.

Tada! Another 5 things to do while waiting for our beloved epic saga.

1. Make a cover of the other “songs of ice and fire”

You might be experiencing LSS over that d@mn awesome theme (can’t blame you, even the actors find themselves whistling to it like Peter Dinklage, or thinking about it in the shower like Emilia Clarke), or finding yourself bawdling “The Bear and A Maiden Fair” drunk in the local pub. If that’s the case, then record an album.DIY or with a band. Be creative so you can post on YouTube and get famous, too.

If you’re really angry about someone and would like to threaten him, play the Rains of Castamere within earshot. See his reaction to it (given that he also watches GOT or has recently read the books). But please don’t try this at home. If you know what I mean.

Or better yet, try this rap version of Sansa, Arya and Bran:

PS. In my opinion, the name “Main Theme” does not really give justice to that awesome GOT opening theme.

2. Listen to podcasts about ASOIAF and GOT

A blogger, Ser Patricksponaugle, suggested this one, and yes, this is a cool idea. Podcasts come more regularly than the episodes or books, or even book spoilers and show trailers. Then you can definitely learn more about them. Can listen to these podcast while commuting, travelling, or just while you’re doing chores and stuff. There are some in iTunes and a lot on the Internet. Stay tuned!

3. Dress to conquer, I mean, to impress. GoT Style.

Our great author, GRRM did not only write an epic medieval – style fantasy saga, he created a whole new world. Add to that the marvelous way HBO folks injected details on the TV adaptation, and you’ve got plenty of ideas for your costumes.

From the blue dress of the “gentle-hearted” Daenerys Targaryen, to the kimono-style royal gown of incestuous Queen Cersei, to the all-black (grunge?) ensemble of sullen Jon Snow, you have many to choose from! Just inject a bit of GoT Style to your attire (a bit of silk and embroidery like in King’s Landing, or a trim of faux fur like in Winterfell, or some metal pin) and turn your drab dress into fab dress.

Or if you’d like, wear purple colored contact lens to show your Valyrian heritage, or style your hair Cersei, Sansa or Daenerys-style.

4. Do an impersonation / cosplay for your Halloween Party or Fan Convention.

Basically, do number 3 in full mode. Don on your armor and be a Kingslayer, dress up prettily like Sansa, or be the New Mother Of Dragons in a cosplay event, fan convention, or Halloween Party, and you’ll get all the attention.

Note that you may order premade ones online or sew them yourself, whichever you prefer.

5. Organize a GoT-themed event that rivals the Purple Wedding

Your nameday’s fast approaching? Are you marrying a fellow GoT / ASOIAF worshipper? Someone’s birthing a future heir? Mark the occasion with an event worthy of the Royal Houses of Westeros.

You may send up invites using parchments with the appropriate ASOIAF-style writing, complete with the wax seal. You may have sword letter openers, pins, miniature “dragon eggs” as giveaways. Ask your guests to come in Westerosi or Dothraki attires. Conduct the ceremony outside with horses and tents and the gift givers laying down their presents on your feet.

On a budget? Get creative and resourceful enough! It’s in the details, actually. Enjoy!



  1. patricksponaugle · December 21, 2013

    I’ve been knighted! The missus will be so shocked! (Thanks for the shout-out!)

    • aerislair · December 22, 2013

      You’re welcome, Ser Patrick (mimicking Sansa)

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