Getting (your lips) Nude

Okay. I do seem to be a person of extremes. For example, when I paint my face with makeup, I either go girly-glam or seriously dark. As for my lips, it’s usually the brightest sheer red, a lilac-pink shimmer, or the sexy nude. It’s bone-chilling windy winter in Dubai, and my lips are usually in nude, to pale in contrast with my olive-green and black eyeshadow. But matte does not need to be boring. It’s always a good idea to put shine to your matte/ satin lippie with a gloss.

And thus I married these two products for fall (and winter).


My ever favorite Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss, smelling of a Slice of Heaven. Solo on the lips, it provides high shine with flecks of pink shimmer. On low-light settings I swear I see my lips with a pink pearly sheen on them.


And this one is my Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Latte. Smells of my fave caffeine fix! It’s not actually matte, for me at least, because it really glides smoothly on my lips like those lipstick-lipgloss hybrids, but this one leans more to being a lipstick. Shine and color in one. I Googled it, nope, it’s satin finish.



The marriage is very good. I’ve got a nude lippie that is young ang hippie 🙂



Hope you learn something. Till next time! 🙂


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