Shivers and a Sliver of Sun


November is just not only the month when men grow their mustaches, it is also the month when winter is coming in Dubai. When the red sandstorm came, followed by foggy mornings, and days of rain, we knew that the White Walkers have arrived in the desert (nope, just the chills).

Yesterday was a sunny day, but the wind was chilly. Stepping outside felt like stepping inside a refrigerator.

Yesterday was also yet another mundane existence: no one to pine for, nowhere to go, and nothing to look forward to.

Then in the afternoon, my lady boss called me. She opened the conversation with a smile and a “You’ve been here six months, yah?” then she proceeded with asking me to do some recruitment tasks for next year’s expansion. Inwardly I sighed with relief as it means they are still preparing for the near future with me still in tow. Not that I don’t have the prroof of residency in Dubai.

As I was going to Business Bay Metro Station, I passed by a guy who looked like Joffrey Baratheon of “Game of Thrones”. I nearly curtsied at the iPod-listening Blondie.

After descending the escalator (or should it be called the “descelator”?), I saw this tall office guy at the ticket machine, and he looked my way. I prevented myself from laughing because really looked like Hitler. Yes, with that famous moustache. Or maybe he signed up for Movember.

I don’t know, but in this chilly November day when everyone is hugging their arms and drowning ourselves in sweaters and scarves, I have felt a little bit sunny-cheerful.

BTW two of my 7AM F20 Bus companions could have been the younger brother of Andrew Garfield and Bruno Mars, respectively.


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