Lip Gloss Mixin’

Tired of your lip gloss colors but would not want to purchase a new one?

Or can’t choose between two beloved lippie colors?

Then use both!

I sometimes have this crazy impulse to just use two (or more) lip glosses on my lips and mix them up to create a prettier and customized shade. Let me show you what I did with these two lip glosses :))


This is the Avon ColorTrend Read My Lips Lipgloss in Angel. This is a shimmery lilac shade in a 6 ml bottle with a wand applicator. The price this last October was at AED 25.00 (around $7 or Php297 as of November 21, 2013). It is one of those few items that I was not able to sell because the color is understandably not universally flattering for all skin colors. Whenever I put a bit too much of it, my lips looked like slobbered with a milky concoction. I could also smell butter, or is it vanilla? You now, the super-sweet smell, which I am not as fond of. Yikes. So I tend to put very little of it.


This is the picture when I applied this lilac gloss “LIGHTLY on my lips.


Then this is my Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Lip gloss in Slice of Heaven (“Angel”, and “Slice of Heaven”, what a coincidence!). I got this for a bottom-rock bargain price at Php 200 (AED 17 or $4 something)!!!!! The lip gloss is in an easy-for-application-without-mirror tube and the scent is a sweet, vanilla-like one which is alright with me (I really prefer fruity). The color is pinkish and iridescent and quite sticky to the lips when applied. My lips look like being applied with a clear gloss with minuscule pink shimmer, giving my lips a hint of pink. I cannot really explain how it looks but I like it subtle.


So for the pictures above, the first was shot on broad daylight without flash. The other one was shot  inside with flash. I like the VS alright, but I want it to have a bit of color, and the Avon is too much on the lilac color, I COMBINED THEM! 🙂


Here’s the result, TADA!


Seems not too different from the Avon Angel – lilac colored swatch but in this combo lip color, it’s more pinkish then purplish. I like it!

Do you like it also? Try combining yours so you don’t have to spend on another lip gloss again! 🙂 See you!


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