The Triumph of Time

Oh brother, the gods were good to you.
Sleep, and be glad while the world endures.
Be well content as the years wear through;
Give thanks for life, and the loves and lures;
Give thanks for life, O brother, and death,
For the sweet last sound of her feet, her breath,
For gifts she gave you, gracious and few,
Tears and kisses, that lady of yours.

– Algernon Charles Swinburne, “The Triumph of Time”

This quote in a tale I chanced

upon and all at once

I yearned to share

for here and there

it reached my heart

as swift as a dart.

Of words and meaning,

My mind clearing

And was reminded of

feelings so tough

they never truly left

despite the distance

or time, for instance.

And I must be reminded

not to be blinded

by attraction past.

It  shouldn’t last.

Silently hoping that

wounds will heal.

Time will be the seal.

Scars are all that remains

Losing all of my disdain.

Time will slowly but surely pass.

I’ll be triumphant at last.


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