Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan will officially start this Wednesday, July 10 and it will be a whole new world to me.

First thing to look out for is the Ramadan Crescent Moon. Then the knock-out heat even in the dead of the night.

Then the shortened working hours (6 hours). In our company, it’s 10AM – 4PM. It will be different in establishments like malls, as they will operate until after midnight.

And course, expect silence, punctuated by Muslim prayers from time to time. Then cornucopic celebrations at night, called Iftar, and a solemn pre-fast Suhoor on the wee hours of the morning.

But still, many do not conform to the policies set up by the government. How many times have I frowned upon Kababayans still wearing shorts out in the streets, and the videoke singing that they just can’t stop doing even for just a month. ! Or the tourists or those Westerners who keep on strutting their sleeveless, or short outfits even when they should be well-aware that they are in a a Muslim country.

This is a time for reflection, and I hope we non-Muslims consider doing this also, instead of raiding the malls for discounts and sales or going on binges out when the sun sets. Let’s observe respect for these month-long event of theirs.

For our Muslim friends, Ramadan, Kareem!


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