13 Things We Were Probably Supposed To Grow Out Of, But Never Did

I love the toy aisle and the ice cream truck! Still like a fairy tail come true for me even at age 23.

“The toy aisle. 95% of the time, one of those toy aisles has something that catches your eye and either makes you consider purchasing now, or openly complain about not having such spectacular gizmos during your childhood. One of the most disappointing realizations in life is that we can’t buy things from the toy section until we’re too old to enjoy them quite as much.”

Thought Catalog

1. Boredom at Home Depot. How can one large building carry so many items that we have zero interest in buying? Slabs of wood? Don’t care. 47,852 types of screws, nuts and bolts? No thanks. Tile? Meh. Home Depot is a handyman’s happy place, but to the average person who only installs and repairs things with a couple clicks on their laptop, this establishment is the worst and it has been since our age was a single digit.

2. Finding farts funny. The only difference between five-year-old you and current you is that now you might have the ability to contain your amusement when an untimely fart happens in a serious or professional environment, whereas 15-20+ years ago you’d have burst into laughter.

3. Wanting to play with/on shopping carts. Isn’t it just natural instinct to feel the immediate urge to jump aboard a shopping cart and glide like you’re…

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