We are distances apart
Speaking in different tongues
Seeing differently
Believing otherwise
Yet with some strange reason
we saw eye to eye, years ago
and it started the weirdest platonic relationship
in the entire universe.
And now we are on the same boat
yet, who feels more pain?
The one whose love has been spurned
but there’s someone waiting 
for that one to take notice?
Or that someone who’s left everything
to wait for that one whose love has been declined?
Who seems mature?
Who seems juvenile
in dealing with the trapping
of such bittersweet thing?
But there’s no reason for trying to be what is not.
One tries, but it never gets acknowledged
so there’s nothing to hide or change
for the other’s sake
I’ve watched a movie, it showed me how feelings can fool you
into thinking that this IS it
and then throwing you off the track
finds yourself cursing the love songs and cheesy greeting cards
for such distorted, sugar-coated, honey-glazed ideas
Foolish we may be, holding on, believing in forever
But as the song goes, see both sides of love and life
See the disadvantages and the negatives
that we so refuse to remind ourselves of.
At times, the heart is so emotionally exhausted
We have to use our minds for a while
And acknowledge that we are not animals
who thrive, barely, on scrap falling from someone else’s table.
We deserve a love that is for us, and is only for us.
You can find the one 
that will be there for you
listen to you
understand you
and absorb your worries and fears.
I will find the one
that will accept me as me
lets me roam around with trust
bring geniune laughter to my lips
be as crazy and intellectually- inclined as I am.
I know the feeling, I swear I do
but we just have different ways of coping
different ways of perceiving.
And that movie and that song
altogether remind us love-stricken mortals
that love is not always what it seems.
If Summer passes and you feel you did not 
have the time of your life
do not fret for Autumn will come.
And if she also leaves
then there’s Winter and Spring to follow.
And I can create a new season, if I want to.
Because there is chance, and there is choice.
It’s up to you.
It’s up to me.

April 1, 2011

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