I’m not in the mood to lay out the details of the why’s and how’s and what-the-hell’s of HR (a.k.a. my job) but here are my raw ideas about it:
What can I say about HR? It’s definitely tough, esp. if you’re both front liner to the employees and co-decider on some HR issues and concerns. Definitely tougher on a person whose personality, attitude and capabilities fit more with the teaching/scientific/other-nerdy-endeavors rather than those of an extrovert, social butterfly with a natural knack for conversation and diplomacy. I’m young, companies have rejected me for my un-HR personality type, blah, blah.
I am still young yet I need to act like a mother: an enforcer of policies and conduct, a persistent model of them, a go-to and a rely-on of employees, an ever-understanding, broad-minded, other-thinking person, a counselor, a police, a custodian. 
My supervisor told me, “Iba ang tingin ng empleyado talaga sa HR.” Truly. Weeks later, I added, “Iba ang stigma kapag nasa job title mo ang mga letrang HR.”
HR call upon a sense of impartiality, being the mediator. The in-between of Management and Employees. It is a tough act to balance the two: just a slight tipping on one side results in uproar from the other. The Management can fire you when you disobey, but the cold, maybe even hostile attitude of the Employees may hurt you just the same. So, HR also calls for a strong will as well as flexibility, diplomacy, sensitivity and compromise.
And most importantly, it calls upon a great sense of concern and sacrifice. All the grievances, the incessant questions, the unceasing worries, it can get into my nerves at times. Calling by night when I should be resting? Having the unspoken rule of personally informing people of any change in the company? It can get tiring. But I just have this inkling to jump to action to help, answer question, rally? I don’t know, but some sort of compassion is slowly developing in me. Tiring, but it seems satisfying. 

– July 23, 2011

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