How Can I

Free verse originally written in 2006, revised and posted in FB in 2011. Then after 2 more years, blogged in WordPress.

How can I…
…describe the friend that you are?
It is really hard to know where to start
because you are a friend to me
in many different ways.
…appreciate the fact that you are
the friend who can tell by the look in my eyes
when I’m not fine
even if I deny.
…be grateful to the one who takes my hand
leads me out of the crowd
not to pry, but to ask in private
because you  care about what I feel.
…picture you in my mind
when you do not hesitate to do something goofy
just for the sheer pleasure of cracking me up
just to bring even a tiny smile upon my lips
…be thankful that you remember
things that I have said
the one who knows what I worry about
and the one I trust with my secrets.

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