For the One Who Has Forgotten His Friend

He had waited and waited
Held on to his stubborn dream
With feelings securely kept
to the deepest ebbs of his heart
He tried and waited and tried again
To win her over and over
To no avail, no response
He had waited in utter silence
Stupid as it may seem but that was him
That was him, the guy who waited
for her attention, her sweet reply
It took years before he got her completely
And now they are on their way to forever
Inch by inch and leaps and bounds
He is happy, so glad to have her in his arms at last
But at the back of his mind something’s nagging him
I saw the invitation, read it, shred it
For he has forgotten my importance
I accepted that it is not me
but forgetting to honor my significance
is the biggest mistake he has done
If leaving him is the only way
For him to realize that he should
appreciate the other people in his life
aside from her
then I will.
I called him up, told him I cannot come
“You see I do not have any important role on that event
but in the office I am manager.
I will stay wherever it is that I am needed most”
Then, I left the office and went home.
Watched the T.V. and nothing more.
No more tears, it was exhausted years ago.
Just a floating feeling and the realization that
tears are worthless for people,
even the best of your friends who do not value them.

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