It’s That Feeling

Of emptiness that neither delicious food  nor exquisite things can fill in
Of loneliness that no exclusive vacation or liquor can quell with
Laughter sounding hollow
Tears of deepest sorrow
Nothing compares to this feeling of being
Of empty hearts and unfocused minds
Of regret over spilled milk and wasted
Eyes without sparkle
Smiles devoid of shine
No one seems to notice or care about your feeling

And you decide to leave
Almost empty-handed
Seeking beyond for that elusive peace
Or welcomed distraction
Seems bend on making the most of what remains to be
Afraid, oh so hesitant that heart or mind that is
Of what might possibly transpire
When one takes the risk, or gambles
For one more shot at one’s life
For that one feeling of hope
Of rising from the shambles
Eventually it’s that feeling of being truly alive.

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