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okay so i still have the energy to take some snapshots. It started last night when I was going home, my head throbbed and the sinuses on my face ached so much then I sneezed. I quickly got my tissue then wiped the snot. It was damned bloody! I continue wiping and wiping coz it just wont stop flowing. My bag pocket was full of the soiled tissues when I got home. Baby niece was with fever and our pet dog couldnt even stand properly. I dropped to my bed. Today it’s worse. I felt everything is in slow motion including my brain. I had sandwich and coffee in over an hour, tasteless and odorless. I COULDNTSMELLORTASTE. And phlegm. And cough. And dirty soiled tissues. I keep staring into space. I have prepared lots of orange juice and I’ve taken Bioflu and Vit C. I want to sleep……………… And I wistfully thought I wish I had someone to take care of me

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