The Most Beautiful Thing

One of the most beautiful things in the world is the smile in your eyes. How could your eyes convey such radiant smile more than your lips? And the moment I look at them for more than 5 seconds I feel like my heart will cease beating. Just reminiscing about it takes my breath away. I can’t stay mad at you when I catch a glimpse of your eyes, or of your smile. What more if you stare at me? You did, and I couldn’t concentrate on my work for several minutes. What more if our faces are close enough? Would I just be petrified on the spot? Your eyes are the most wonderful things I’ve seen. I’ll kill to have them looking solely at me. I’ll die staring at them. It is worth fighting for, waiting, keeping for. Your eyes are your weapon. Weapon of persuasion. Weapon of expression. And you render me weak when you stare. Of course I have the killer eyes to countee that. But please, I just need to put a strong front. If you could just see me at home. And then again, the smile in your eyes encompasses even the lovely sunset, the invigorating rain, and the inviting seas. Nothing compares. Not even mine. If I could just have them for myself. If I could just have you.


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