While working on some documents (actually tons of its), I did them on the table facing the windows. There I could view the bay. I love it when it’s midday: sky and sea are both blue and kissing at the horizon. Everything is clear and bright. It seems inviting.

I also like the sunset view. Colors are splashed everywhere. The bloody sun dipping down, the outlines of faraway boats, until all is gone and darkness takes over.

Just about one of the rare things that calm me down in an instant.

How could such thing have a great pull on me? Someone who has lived on plains and subdivisions and factories? I guess it started when we were a family going on nearly monthly dips in the pool at my father’s workplace. Those were happy, carefree times.

Maybe I’m really into water. I can’t live without my jug/bottle/mug of water. I want to spend endless days in a beautiful beach. And in the future my ashes will be thrown on some faraway sea.


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