If Ever Love’s In My Arms Again

There are a few songs that remain in my playlist for over a year which I never get tired of listening to. One of them is Christian Bautista live recording of “If Ever You’re In My Arms Again”

I cannot relate to its intended meaning for I certainly do not wish to rekindle past flames. But I like the hopeful tone of the song. It makes me feel better and look forward to love.

For me, the song is not only about giving the loved one a chance. It is generally more on giving love another shot.

It doesn’t necessarily means going back to the ex. What if he/she was really horrible, right? Or that you have absolutely nothing to agree about? Or that you’re incompatible?

It might be that you try loving again, with another person, and vowing to yourself that this time, you’ll love that person better than you did with the previous. And hopefully you’ve got to hold each other a little bit longer, or even forever.

Love deserve second chances. Let Love be in your arms again.


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