LIFe Orientation

LIFe Orientation

The Controlling / Taking – Over Orientation


“If I get results by being competent and seizing opportunity, the good things in life will be there for the taking.”

“I value action.”


Be competent.  Get results.


Persistent, initiating, urgent, directing.

Of major concern is getting things accomplished that one desires – and quickly. The person who emphasises this orientation has high confidence in his/her capability, in the belief that given dedicated energy and imagination any problem can be solved – and usually, if within the area of his/her knowledge and experience, through personal involvement. Such a person has an interest in “making hay while the sun shines” and taking advantage of opportunities that arise. Consequently, time is of utmost importance. Further, there is a tendency to trust one’s own intuitive assessment of situations, or to rely on experts who one trusts and, having done that, to marshal the resources necessary to make things happen. This is also accompanied by an enjoyment of the power of decision-making and the delight in autonomous functioning. Challenges and variety intrigue such a person. Consequently someone who favours this orientation is usually involved in many activities. There is a belief in individual responsibility and capability.

When conflict occurs there is a willingness to confront differences in a confident and assertive way to get one’s way and to convince others of the value of the position that has been taken. Through intensive give and take, this person learns the value of other viewpoints and can make decisions accordingly. There is enjoyment of competitive disputation, as well as an emphasis on stating one’s views and feelings openly and directly. In stress situations, there is a desire to restore control immediately, to take actions quickly and to be involved in a number of situations personally. Prompt and competent handling of situations is valued.

Typical behaviours:

  • expressing confidence that the person can achieve what is asked for (I can do that. I know it can be done),
  • expressing desires directly to eliminate confusion,
  • indicating specifically what one is looking for,
  • making decisions quickly,
  • gathering resources and directing them against the task,
  • letting others know where they stand with him/her,
  • being willing to take risks,
  • staying on top of what is happening,
  • acting directly to show what is needed,
  • confronting differences,
  • taking charge when there is no action,
  • exercising initiative to get things done, and
  • acting independently.

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