In a Hurry?

Daily Prompt: Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.

Remember the story of the missionary who taught a convert how to pray the rosary, but was surprised why he finished the rosary very fast?

Well, the convert was not patient enough to carry out the task as it was designed to be carried out.

Shortcuts, instant noodles, fast food, A.S.A.P., pronto, “now na”

Everything is in such a hurry nowadays. I admit I’ve been carried away by the fast-moving crowd. I admit I have to rush in the morning to go to work. I have to use instant coffee to whip myself a morning prepper. I really hope MRT and LRT will extend up to nearby provinces and is willing to pay even P50 (versus the P15) and stand the crowd just to have my 2 or more-hour ride to Makati cut down to an hour. I wish I could coax my brother, or sister to go over the speed limit. How I wish I can do three or more things at a time. Emailing / encoding while I eat lunch in the office, or watching / surfing while at home and having dinner.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the the bustle and hustle of Makati. No wonder I prefer working there even if it means the longer hours, the sacrifices and hits on my health. I love the flurry of activity, that urban vibe. But it does not mean I do not want the easy and laid-back life in the province. I love both worlds.

Just as the rosary is not meant to be prayed in under 10 minutes, life should not be hurried. Sure, there are times when we have to be early or prompt, when we have to beat the deadline, when we have to finish up before midnight. But there are things that must be done with ample time: no shortcuts, whatsoever. Let things unfold by themselves, let yourself go slow and enjoy once in a while. Take your time doing what you love, of course in a schedule that doesn’t conflict with your work. Enjoy the strolls, smell the flowers, stare at those blinking lights. Take time to visit the chapel and pray.

Take it slow.


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