You’ve Been Told

I waited long. You told me I was not priority. It was hard to walk away but I did. Now that I’ve turned my back, please don’t even try to call back because I’d just put earphones on my ears. Don’t chase after because I will run and hide. You had you chance, now I’m done. Nothing else remained in me. Nothing for you to salvage. Enough.

And for the new ones, better be clear with what you want with me. Don’t play your games because I will discover them eventually. Toy with my feelings and I’ll shoot you down. Cheat on me and you’re dead. When I feel that nothing’s ever gonna happen anyway and decide to let go of whatever I’m feeling, it’s a done deal. I’m done with assumptions. empty promises and false hope. I had enough.

I still deserve a real man. And a real love. And you’re not to mess it up by breaking my heart and turning me into a relationship or man-hater. You’ve been told.


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