The List

This is a random post, spurred by a random thought. I remembered giving my former boyfriend a royal blue Parker pen with engraving… and I thought to myself, what are the things I like aside having a turquoise Parker pen?

Books. Yep. Or e-books. And magazines! Just share them with me 🙂

A Sony Xperia P, the HK/Taiwan pink version. And the Sony Smart Watch 2nd generation. and I’ll change my current Bluetooth headset with the Smart Wireless Headset because it can be a standalone MP3 player and it flashes messages, FB statuses and tweets.

Image Image

A netbook. Preferably the Acer netbook which can be “folded” in a way that it looks like a tablet (Just Googled it. It’s the Aspire Timeline 1825PT). Mainly for blogging, typing stuff , watching downloaded movies or manga-reading.


A bunch of pink-orange or peach-colored roses. They’re my absolute favorite shade of roses.



The Transition lens. The lens for the eyeglasses that automatically darken when too bright (like shades).


Lotsa makeup! Whoohoo! I can afford Maybelline, but I wish I can afford Benefit and Majolica Majorca. More into lengthening mascaras, candy-colored eyeshadows and lip glosses

  1. Image


A large, fluffy pillow. With the scent/perfume of a special someone or my fave perfume as added bonus.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea / UCBenetton Hot / Victoria Secret Very Sexy Mist or Very Sexy Dare

Chanel No. 5. Because of ylang-ylang. Or just any perfume or toiletry item that smells of ylang-ylang, plumeria, or cherry blossom also.

A canvas bag. Coach, maybe? Or a bag with lot of compartments.

A pair of stilettos and a pair of ballerina flats (same color, same design, except that one pair has heels, the other pair has none)

Lots of sweets! Gummy worms, those little triangular fruity jelly-like candies, tamarind candies, dried mangoes. raisins, those “popping” powders and their relatively tasteless foot-shaped lollipop partner.

Jewelry. Esp. a pair of white gold and amethyst earrings to replace the ones I’ve lost and also to pair up with my necklace. And an eternity ring. Or half-eternity ring.

A yearly planner. Belle de Jour, Everything is Possible, Witty Will Save The World, or your

<insert coffee shop> planner. Or a quirky journal or notebook.

A nice watch. I love checking out time so much I sometimes look automatically at my wrist to see nothing but a bracelet or rubber ponytail.

Those movie memorabilias. Like the Mockingjay pin, or the Time-Turner of Hermione Granger.

Those anime stuff or replicas like Tsunade’s necklace or Ichigo Kurosaki’s Zanpakuto / Soul Blade.

A Persian kitten. White. With blue eyes.

And, yes, that turquoise Parker pen.

But in the end, they are just damn material things. I’d like to find the company where I’ll stay like until I retire. Be doing the job I love. Meet the man of my life and live happily in spite of all the stress of life. A child with fair skin and curls, if not silky straight jet-black hair. Free access to the swimming pool. Visits to the beaches. Free time to lie down or stay in a rocking chair. Free, fast, unlimited WIFI. New funny tweets. More ideas to write down. Inspiration for writing. Remaining young-looking at age 40 without doing anything. The experiences. They are more important to me.

I guess, this stupid blog is stupid and pointless, but hey, I would like to just reward myself with the opportunity to write down stuff. I love writing. Or typing / blogging. Now that’s a non-materialistic gift.


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