Acceptance is the key.

I’ll settle with what is at hand and it will be easier. Easier to accept. Easier to be contented.

Life moves slowly. Routinary. Day after day. It rarely changes. Same things. Same habits. And it’s getting boring. Boring as a dot on a white paper. Existing but for what? It does not move. Just existing. On a plain sheet of paper.

Life moves slowly. Weird. And life seems so insignificant. And time will come when everything will make sense. And taking one’s time seems like the best way. Accept whatever life throws at you. Let it come, then let it go. And the ones that are meant for you will come back to you.

For now, I’m just so contented. Just like the time when I was afloat the crystal waters of that distant cove down the south. The sun caressed my face with its warmth. The water caressed my skin with its coolness. I waded the surface, paddled with my little limbs. Let the arms glide, let the legs kick. I propelled myself while staying afloat. I stared at the bluest sky, I swam the clearest sea, I saw the whitest sand and the greenest mountains.

My whole being was focused on that particular moment and nothing else.

I loved the sea, just as I love whatever’s happening. Now. I have accepted what is there. Nothing more. No presumptions or assumptions. No worries or dreams. No hope. No expectation. Just that feeling.


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