Killer Eyes

If I were transformed into a vampire ala Twilight Saga, I would have had eye-contact powers like those of Jane, or Medusa. Kowai!

They are shit scared when I shift
moods and it reflects in my eyes. I even tried giving myself “that” look and I admit I got unsettled, too. It’s the intense look when I was so focused, engrossed in work that everything revolves around whatever I was doing. This is also when I couldn’t even readily respond to a call from a seatmate, or nearby conversations seems muted, as if a giant barrier around me prevents any distraction from doing its annoying job.

It’s the intense look I wear when I get pissed off.  My mind does the internal cussing, dissing, whining and cursing. Note that the look or the feelings are not directed to anyone. They just have to know my displeasure.  But when I got angry at someone, I look at them long enough for them to feel a gut feeling of being watched and to turn around, or better yet, stare at them eye-to-eye. All that matters is to see them cringe, crack their voices, or even cry (only if that person really really did something nasty to me).

On a lighter side, whenever I spare a look to others, it’s my way of acknowledging them. I can answer questions without having to look ar them, right? Moreso when I face you and look at you directly into the eye, without blinking or batting an eye: it means serious business. I’m totally listening/paying attention to you.
If I am smiling also, it means that I genuinely like you, or what you’re saying or doing.


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