“Just Tell Me You (Don’t) Love Me…”

“So tell me. Even if the words splash across my face like acid, burning my skin with their finality — I want to feel them. I want to bathe in rejection, if rejection is what awaits me. Yes, I may look at the ground while you talk to me, I may be unable to accept everything that is falling down around me eye-to-eye. But I will be taking it in, finally becoming big enough to live in reality.”

These are the words that struck me the most from the Thought Catalog entry “Just Tell Me How You Feel”. How many times have we anticipated the day when our love interest finally reciprocates our feelings? How many hours, days, weeks, months, or even years (Que horror!) have we spent dangling from that cliff, fervently hoping that they will reach out a hand and pull you up?

I was a person who holds tight to things (and persons) I am adamant, unwilling to give up, rationalizing that “true love waits” or “the right thing comes at the right moment”, etc. etc. But a greater consideration of mine than being steadfast and stubborn is valuing and accepting the truth, and nothing but the truth. And inasmuch as I would rather spend the lazy days daydreaming about the far-fetched future, I still eventually choose to go to the bottom of things and know if my daydreams could possibly become true. I’ve learned to let go of the Cliff of False Hopes and trust that someone below will catch me as I fall.

Still, the thing is, there are people, and maybe most of them would rather die or lie than admit the truth. Like he’s not that into me, for example (I love Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo for their very helpful book). But we don’t deserve to wait for someone who’ll not be there for us. We aren’t psychics or investigators to know that you don’t like us. So I plead every human being who has become the object of desire or subject of affection of others, of us whom you do not really like:

Just tell me you (don’t) love me.

Read more at http://thoughtcatalog.com/2012/just-tell-me-how-you-feel/#RJxcEUIthoJRsHod.99


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