As days, dreary days have passed
I’m stumped, stopped in my tracks
For I have suddenly realized
That this folly won’t even last
One dreary, darkly dragging month.

For I have seen with my own eyes
The feelings that have sired
Would not even be born or baptized
Foundation is shaky from the very start
The life I’ve imagined vanishes fast

For I’ve witnessed a story unfolding
Slowly but the seeds will be blossoming
Into something lovely, a feeling
One has within, another who’s got no inkling
Or slight awareness, or recognizing
But I do, the possibilities are looming

Lurking, waiting for the magic spark
And I have to take a back seat
Lick and nurse my wounded heart
I assumed wrongly and fate has hit
This silly person dead in her tracks

And I see him leaving and
The only thing I’m allowing
My dreary self to indulge in
Is to stare at his bearings

His broad, sloping shoulders.
And I bid a silent totally unwarranted goodbye.


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