Forcefields and Canines

I was not a damn fan of dogs, but I find one endearing. I tend to “bully”  our English terrier by tugging both of his hairy ears and mocking its lost teeth, while secretly falling in love with its innocent eyes.

And I was reminded of the wavy-haired person whom I’m deliberately keeping away with a forcefield of aloofness.

Nakapanggigil grabe! 🙂

Nothing’s really handsome about this person. His voice tends to be too soft compared to the boisterous,  deep or husky “caveman” voice. Your average guy with an average face and body who happens to be as talkative and lively as those female officemates of mine. Seems pretty average.

Except that he seems to enchant us with his boyish charm. When I was first introduced by him to the rest, they warned me about his infamous reputation. I scoffed

Days later I just have to do a facepalm, furious by the thoughts and the pheromones that affect me.

I would not go into details but I just deduced that he is committed already. So now I’m just too decided to ignore him. 

But it does not mean I don’t have to prevent my inner muse from spouting poetry:

“Hello smiling pup
Such endearing creature
of innocence in your eyes
and barking like lilting laughter.
You’d come around
Yapping at everyone
Your imaginary tail
Wagging like mad.
Was never a dog person
Prefers the silent ones
But choices change
And I choose to change.”


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