Drifting Away

Here I am, reluctantly sprawled on the surface of the ocean. Bobbing above the waters, trying to keep afloat, and balancing for dear life.

Still on the loose, without clear directions. My arms flail helplessly on water and I still do not know if I am rowing forward, backward, or going around and around in a endless cycle.

Still wondering how on earth did I end up in a rut. Or a water eddy. Or in dead sea, like the Bermuda Triangle. I do not know what to do. Have I failed? Have I failed to see my shortcomings? Have I not spelled out my strengths clearly?

Why do they ignore me? I approach but they do not take notice. They take for granted everything I am capable of. Are they underestimating me?

I’m drifting away, away from my dreams. And it is depressing to know that I do not know what to do.

This is burdening me. I might not hold on. I am about to sink, bidding goodbye even to my farthest dreams.


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