The Hell With Commuting

Truly, the Philippines is just a small country but going from point A to point B is not as fast as a foreigner would have expected, mainly because of the simplistic transportation system here. Then the fact that more work is available in the cities, thus the massive daily exodus of us from the nearby provinces to the metro. And for us, commuting using public transportation is the most inexpensive way to travel. Bad news is, it is not without its hassles.

Going out of our locality to the expressway is like going through a long, narrow bottle neck. Then you will really wish that the bus you ride at the main thoroughfare would just stop stopping at every corner to fetch some more commuters, get on with life, and go to its destination. And then the long lines just to ascend the train station, with the pushing of people rushing into train carriages since they do not like to be late, and the near cursing of the unfortunates who are not able to ride. Then, of course, the traffic that doubles the usual time that it takes a car to go from here to there.

So much for the hassles.

I chose to ride the MRT along EDSA today. As usual, I had to endure the long line, the long waiting before I reach the platform, and the long wait for the train.  Just when I was resigned to accept these hassles as part of commuting using MRT, I found out that the trains would stop at Shaw Blvd. Station.


I was still kilometers away from Makati!

We just have to leave the station, muttering or fuming, and catch the bus. We were late, and we had spent more on the fare.

I bet the bus drivers and conductors were sooooooooooooooooooooo happy.

I wasn’t.

It was quite a slow ride due to traffic (What’s new?) The bus did not even go straight in Ayala Ave. so I had to take a jeepney traversing along Gil Puyat. Then walked some more. Talk about being cost-ineffective! We must really think of ways to improve the public transportation here.


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