I just saw a nearly-full yellow moon as I was going home, and it reminded me of the Moon Rabbit, as well as the movie “Mano Po: My Love”.

In that particular movie, the female protagonist was celebrating the Chinese New Year outdoors with her boyfriend. He pointed at the bright yellow moon and told her about the Man on the moon.

According to Chinese legend, our fates regarding marriage are determined by the Old Man Under the Moon, who uses red string to link the feet of boys and girls who are destined to become marriage partners. This ensures that they will ultimately meet.

This explains the popular saying, “Those whom fate binds together will find each other though separated by a thousand li.”

In a Chinese folktale, a boy chanced upon an old man reading a book. The young man asked what was he reading, to which the old man replied:

“This book records marriages. I need only use one of the red ropes in this bag to tie a man’s foot to a woman’s, and the two are sure to become man and wife.”

Then he pointed at a girl and told the boy that she would be his wife. The boy was angry, saying that how would such a silly girl be his future wife, and he threw a stone at her.

Years later, he was betrothed to a beautiful lady with an adornment that covered one of her eyebrows. Curious about her, he asked about it. The lady replied that she had a scar on her eyebrow for a boy threw a stone at her in her youth.

So, yeah, another soulmate / twin flame story.

The Old Man on the moon who were said to tie the feet of a boy and a girl with a red string, destined to be together as husband and wife. It was like tying the fate (pun intended) of these mere mortals.

Hmm… no wonder love moves in mysterious ways (Hi Nina, I miss your sultry voice).

I wonder whom my life is connected to. 🙂


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