Epiphany To An Ideal

Every working day,  I opt to get off at MRT Ayala Station and walk along Makati’s famous stretch of premier malls to go to office. Such walks are tiring and boring, but hey, the exercise and the saved fare are usually enough to keep me doing this routine.

Eleven days ago,  I was walking towards the Central Business District when I saw two bespectacled persons. A boy and a girl of nearly the same height; and judging from their attires and looks, they might have fresh graduates who are currently working, but in different companies. The girl in casual clothing seems to listen to music and to text on her phone while walking.

They walked ahead of me, seemed to be conversing in-between the girl’s texting. They did not even looked at each other while exchanging words.

The guy, in white polo and black pants just looked at her at times. Then held her hand and shifted her to a safer side when they were to cross the road. They just walked side by side; when hands bumped into each other, they shared a momentary grip, and a momentary gaze at each other. The guy sometimes let the girl went ahead but still within his arm’s length.

An epiphany, a dawning realization that I might be seeing my possible future, or rather, my ideal future.

They were never flamboyant with their relationship, but I could see the concern and the love, albeit in a very silent way. And I was reminded of the certain someone, and of my fantasies, and expectations of his and mine… of us.

How wonderful it would be if I have him as my companion as we commute from  a far-flung place to our work, that time flies by as we spend the time talking. Then knowing that I have someone to look  forward to at the end of the stressful day. A shoulder to lean on along the way, an arm to cling to, a man to guide and protect, and love and serve dinner to when we get home.

I was transfixed. I wanted to avert my gaze to avoid disappointing myself with wishful thinking.

But I kept on looking for a tiny little hope has already sprung from me. Never in my daily walking had I seen this scene. And it will never be.

Just then I noticed that I was half-listening to Mraz’ “Prettiest Friend”.

“I wrote this for my prettiest friend
Who while trying not to prove that I care
Trying not to make all my moves in one motion and scare her away”


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